For years large firms have enjoyed the benefits of virtual desktops, which are now available to their smaller and midsize peers.

Bensinger Technology’s virtual desktop offering is a game-changer for those seeking a modern, affordable IT infrastructure solution that scales with the needs of their business.

A virtual desktop is simply a Windows PC that runs in a high-speed cloud datacenter that you can access from anywhere. As a cloud solution, your virtual desktop is always on, always connected and always accessible.

Bensinger can provide an access device (also called a “thin client”) that works just like a regular desktop computer specially configured to access your virtual desktop. The device includes a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Simply log in and start working!

Yes. Bensinger manages security only on the access devices we provide, but your virtual desktop can be accessed from any device for no additional charge. You can even use a Mac or Chromebook to get to the virtual desktop. Some features may not be available on all platforms.

Yes, any number of devices can be used to access your virtual desktop – have one set up in the office and one at home or anywhere you frequently work. Wherever you connect, your virtual desktop will automatically shut off the connection from all other devices.

Yes. Virtual desktops are more secure than most local desktop computers.

  • Files are stored in Microsoft’s secure data center – never on local hard drives that can be stolen, accessed improperly or lost due to damage.
  • Access devices are locked down, so your information is protected end to end.

In order to keep the costs to a minimum your Bensinger virtual desktop comes with the standard Windows 10 or 11 desktop PC built-in software.

You may already have Microsoft subscriptions (MS Office programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) We don’t include other licenses to ensure you’re not double-paying for that software. For those without an existing MS Office subscription, we are happy to add that to your virtual desktop on a pass-through basis – charging only what Microsoft charges. Any other software you use can be added as needed. Cost and licensing work the same way they would with any other Windows PC.

Yes. Many online tools, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, have been optimized for virtual desktops and work very well. Depending on your connection speed, you may notice a small amount of latency with real-time communications.

If the hardware Bensinger provides has a problem or stops working for any reason, we will swap it out for a new one, and you can pick up right where you left off. Since no files are stored on the access device, there is no need to transfer any files or wipe the device being returned.

Currently, Bensinger’s virtual desktop solution includes only desktop computer configurations, but we are considering options for offering laptops in the future. If this is something you are interested in, please let us know.

Large firms have long enjoyed the many advantages of virtual desktops. Now, smaller and midsize firms can gain the same benefits:

  • Peace of Mind
    Files are stored in Microsoft’s secure data center, not on your local computer, so they cannot be stolen, improperly accessed or lost due to damage. Access devices are secured for end-to-end protection.
  • Simplicity
    Virtual desktops are easy to manage; just tell us what you need. We turn accounts on and off at your request, ensuring only authorized users can access the computers.
  • Affordability
    Installations easily scale – up or down – according to your needs. Pay only for what your users require.

They are using them! Virtual desktops are widely used by large organizations; they were adopted years ago as the benefits became clear. Until recently, significant investments in infrastructure kept virtual desktops out of reach for most smaller firms. However, today the benefits of virtual desktop are available to businesses of all sizes.

Most business applications work on a virtual desktop just as they do on any other computer, but there are a few instances where it may not be the optimal solution:

  • A virtual desktop may not be ideal for those who have precise timing requirements such as audio/video editing.
  • Some conferencing applications (e.g., Google Meet) have not been optimized for virtual desktops.

Still not sure virtual desktops are right for your firm?

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