What is a virtual desktop?

Our virtual desktop offering includes a complete Windows PC hosted in the cloud. It can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any device. Your virtual desktop is always on, connected and secure. It looks and feels just like a regular PC.

We handle the setup, security and configuration of your virtual desktop. Use your own device to access the virtual desktop, or we’ll provide fully configured hardware including monitor, keyboard and mouse. The hardware arrives ready to go – just plug it in, connect to the internet and it is up and running.

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Why use a virtual desktop?

Peace of Mind

Your virtual desktop, and everything on it, is hosted and backed up in the cloud. Nothing is stored on local hardware where it could be stolen, improperly accessed, or damaged – so there is nothing to lose!


Installations easily scale—up or down—according to your needs.
Hiring a new employee? Add a virtual desktop in minutes.
Someone leaving? Shut it off.
Pay only for what you use.

“I recently launched a new law firm, and Bensinger Technology has been instrumental in supporting the firm’s IT needs. They have been very attuned to the specific needs of my particular firm are always responsive to my requests, and are generally a pleasure to work with.

Bensinger also set up a Virtual Desktop for my practice which enables me to login to my firm computer from anywhere, with any computer. This has allowed me to have a flexible and organized work environment. I highly recommend Bensinger Technology to anyone with IT/cybersecurity needs.”

— M.T., New York City law firm

Dependable – Efficient – Secure

Simplify operations & improve compliance

Virtual desktops modernize IT infrastructure with an easy and secure cloud solution.

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